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Fused Glass Art Studio near Portland Oregon

Welcome to Sweet Lomy Art LLC.

A place for artists of all ages.

Hello wonderful readers and thanks for stopping in to look at my blog. I'm here to tell ya 'bout all things fused glass, and all the reasons why I love glass as an art medium. While I love making art, (though it sure is hard, to find the time as a busy mama) I especially love working with great crafters and artists like you! I've been in the glass business, as an artist and art teacher, for over 25 years now. It's hard to believe that what started as a hobby has been something that has also supported my family. (Thanks hubs for believing in your wifey!)

Jenny and her cat Sonic in front of her garden.
Here I am with my garden and studio buddy, Sonic the tabby cat.

So why exactly do I love glass? Perhaps it's the beautiful range of colors that exist or the incredible chemical reactions that can produce magic in the kiln. Perhaps its because anyone as young as age 2 or 3 can have success making lovely trinkets and those well into their 90's or shoot, even hundreds enjoy learning the craft. Or, maybe it's because there are so many endless possibilities for how small, or how far, you as an artist can push the limits. Regardless, after I took my first stained glass class as a way to relieve stress from my job as a special educator, I was hooked.

After I took my first glass class, I was hooked!

Have you given glass fusing a try? If not I highly recommend that you do!

Try a fused glass class at Sweet Lomy Art

Come on, don't be shy! I would love a chance to hang with you in the studio. We'll both be glad that you did!

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