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Pile of fused glas jewelry.
Red Flower glass sun-catcher.
Fused Glass butterfly platter made by adult student.
Fused glass holiday ornaments made by a 3rd grader.

Private Groups, Team Building and Corporate Events.

Glass Fusing is a wonderful team building experience and a great way to build great relationships among co-workers. Hire Jenny to bring a class to you for a minimum of $350 or come to Jenny's Studio for a minimum of $300. See Project options and pricing below.

$48: make 4 pieces of jewelry or 3 small sun-catchers

$55: 4 small sun-catchers, or 5 small pieces of jewelry


$60 Glass Wall Vase


$65: 6 inch plate or 6 inch sun-catcher

$75: 8 pieces of jewelry or a 7 inch plate 

$85: 8 inch square plate

$90: 5x18 inch channel platter or 9 inch plate

$135: 12-inch square platter   

Private party students show of their work.
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